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Commercial properties are subject to intense scrutiny from tenants and need to meet business-appropriate standards to cater for the fast-paced, client-facing nature of commercial work. At On Demand Property and Building Maintenance, we provide services that cover the full spectrum of commercial property maintenance, bringing years of experience to deliver quality, comprehensive outcomes for the sector.

The Importance of Commercial Property Maintenance Services

In terms of business reputation, having a well-maintained premises plays a massive part in positive customer perception.

Commercial property maintenance is an ongoing endeavour that requires proactive thinking and attention to detail. It is key that facilities are maintained to a high standard, which at a minimum requires the implementation of a regular maintenance program to ensure spaces are able to function optimally.

Without regular maintenance, your commercial space will no longer be able to meet the needs that building occupants require to deliver their services, causing loss across the board. A regular commercial building maintenance schedule is necessary to ensure continuous operation of your facility. Repairs need to be attended to immediately, and assets need to be maintained to prevent breakdowns from occurring.

Working With On Demand Property and Building Maintenance for Your Commercial Building

We Provide A Broad Skillset

At On Demand Property and Building Maintenance, we have a demonstrated history of providing high quality commercial property maintenance services, performing a variety of works that ensure client properties function in peak condition.

Owned & Operated Locally in WA

Based in Western Australia, On Demand Property and Building Maintenance offer building maintenance services throughout the greater Perth area. Our network of contractors are based throughout the region, ensuring regular and localised commercial property maintenance to our clients.

Professional & Attentive Team

Our high-level property management tools ensure that we integrate seamlessly into any commercial space, providing regular, scheduled commercial building maintenance with minimal disruption to the commercial property owners and occupants.

Our Capabilities in the Commercial Property Sector

We offer services for the commercial property sector that cover the full spectrum of property needs, from internal maintenance through to exterior, general services, minor repairs and heritage listed building works.

No job is too small; we are committed to providing end-to-end maintenance for your commercial property. We manage all aspects of commercial property upkeep and are equipped to plan and implement a regular commercial building maintenance schedule, perform once-off maintenance and attend to emergency jobs.

Heritage Listed Building Works

Our specialist team is equipped to assist with the conservation of your heritage-listed commercial property. We capably perform a variety of structural and non-structural repairs, reproducing façade and heritage components.

We ensure conformance to statutory heritage building requirements, keeping your property in top shape whilst maintaining its architectural and historical integrity. Our maintenance services take the worry out of the upkeep of heritage listed properties, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of working in a historically rich space.

Carpentry & General Services

On Demand Property and Building Maintenance provides a host of carpentry and general services to execute repairs, provide furniture elements and perform maintenance on the interior and exterior of your property. We can also provide facility maintenance services to GP clinics, research centres and hospitals.

We work on a variety of scales, from small once off projects to ongoing projects. Our team guarantees high quality workmanship that maintains your property’s professional appearance, with efficient, reliable service.

Interior & Exterior Painting Services

Fading, cracked paint can quickly take your building from professional to dated, and will be one of the first things clients notice about your building.

Leverage our wide network of experts for your interior and exterior painting needs to ensure your business is able to depend on its facilities.

Grounds & Landscaping Works

Count on our experience to deliver a landscaping solution suited to your specific needs, environment, and budget.

Working with our team gives you the assurance of stability and affordable, consistent quality standards, with the ability to scale up or down according to your needs at any given time. Whether it be emergency plumbing services for a burst drain, or general roof repair services, we have you covered.

Minor Project Works

Maintain a great user experience and client reputation with a high-performing property. Ensure minimal downtime to your operations with assets that present and function as they should.

Our minor project services allow you to be certain of your organisation’s ability to run smoothly, performing minor maintenance jobs as and when they arise. Our broad trades base and locally employed teams can undertake work at short notice.


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Providing Professional Service for Commercial Property Owners

Commercial Property Planning

We provide a proactive, hands-on approach to commercial property planning, supported by a reliable network of contractors who deliver prompt and reliable solutions to issues both before and as they arise.

Installations in Commercial Buildings

Our installation services can be performed on both a small and large scale in your commercial building, enabling seamless operations and allowing you to rely on the continued performance of your assets.

Routine Commercial Property Maintenance

The best form of commercial building maintenance is solving issues before they become problems. Our routine commercial building maintenance establishes a schedule for the evaluation and upkeep of assets to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Emergency Commercial Property Repair Services

Our years of experience has allowed us to establish a wide-ranging network of contractors, which in turn enables quick response and turnaround times. We perform emergency commercial property repairs as and when you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial properties tend to be larger and have more complicated systems than residential properties. Common commercial building issues are often related to the structure and electrical systems, including structural defects or damage, electrical problems and safety hazards.

Commercial properties typically have more occupants and business activity than residential properties do, meaning they need more frequent inspections than residential properties do. The frequency of commercial building inspections will depend on the type of building and its age.

Any costs associated with commercial building maintenance can be immediately deducted by the property owner. This could involve paying for things like loan interest, leasing agent fees, council fees, air conditioning maintenance, water leaks, broken tile, or smoke alarm replacement.

Commercial building maintenance tasks will depend on the type of building, but there are some general ones that apply to most commercial buildings. These include cleaning and vacuuming common areas, maintaining plumbing, heating and cooling system as well as keeping up with general repairs, such as fixing broken windows or leaky roofs.

The owner of a commercial property is responsible for maintaining it. If the owner rents out space in their building, they will still be responsible for its maintenance. At On Demand Property and Building Maintenance, we take on the responsibility of commercial building maintenance, so you can focus on your business.


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