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Campus Management & Preventative Maintenance

Providing quality education comes down to a combination of factors, one of which includes the standard of the facilities that are readily available. Housing hundreds, or even thousands of people per day, it should come as little surprise that school grounds require extensive upkeep and campus management to meet the daily demands of students and teachers alike.

With a team hosting a specialised background in the campus maintenance of educational institutions at scale, On Demand Property and Building Maintenance services primary and secondary schools, as well as Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and university facilities. Our teams are highly skilled in delivering campus maintenance at scale, so your students can receive the learning experience they deserve.

Boosting Student Experience With Our University Maintenance Services

We understand how important it is for learning facilities to be in good condition, which is why we offer a range of educational campus management services across Perth. Our team will work with you to create an effective, comprehensive maintenance plan that meets your needs and boosts student experience while they study. We’re able to provide campus repair, renovations and ongoing campus management for any type of educational facilities and grounds.

Campus management for education buildings is key, as they’re often used by large numbers of people, which can put them under a lot of stress. We work to ensure maintenance requirements are met in a timely manner without undue disruption to the running of your campus.

Trust On Demand for Reliable Campus Management

Skilled Contractors

At On Demand Property and Building Maintenance, we have a proven track record of offering high-quality school and university maintenance services, carrying out a range of tasks to guarantee our clients' campuses can operate safely and effectively.

Operating in WA

We provide campus management services in the greater Perth region from our base in Western Australia. Our network of contractors, who are located all throughout the area, guarantees delivery of routine maintenance for our education clients.

Professional Service

To provide campus management with the least amount of inconvenience to the building's users and student experience, we schedule our work in a way that allows us to work alongside the tenants of educational spaces. Additionally, having a clear campus management schedule provides critical oversight that notifies our team when a time-based task needs to be seen to.

Our Capabilities in the Education & University Sector

On Demand Property and Building Maintenance offers a wide range of solutions to repair, refurbish and maintain the entire footprint of a campus. We provide services that span from regular maintenance, groundskeeping and landscaping, right to campus deep-cleanings, with a focus on the health and safety of your students and staff.

We’ll also handle any facility repairs that need to be made, including plumbing, electrical work and carpentry. We take care of your campus, so you can focus on taking care of your students.

Heritage Listed Campus Works

Campus buildings in Western Australia often form a treasured part of building heritage, having been utilised for the same purpose throughout their storied lifetime. Caring for this heritage, however, can often be a more complex story.

We have the ability to provide campus management services that cater to the unique requirements heritage-listed buildings pose, ensuring they remain well cared for, without any compromise to their rich character.

Campus Carpentry and General Services

We provide carpentry and general services to execute repairs, fix furniture and perform maintenance on the interior and exterior of your property. We are flexible to client demands, with the capacity to cater to small once-off works, through to ongoing and routine campus management.

We produce high-quality work that maintains your property’s professional appearance, with efficient, reliable service.

Education Facility Painting Services

On Demand Property and Building Maintenance offers professional painting services, including interior and exterior painting, staining and varnishing for campuses across Western Australia. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that the job is completed on time and to a high standard providing a good student experience and appealing to the broader community.

Campus Grounds Management and Landscaping

Count on our experience to deliver a landscape solution suited to your needs, environment, and budget. Years of experience in the education sector guarantees that you’ll get the landscaping service that’s best suited to the look and feel of your campus.

Working with our team gives you the assurance of stability and affordable, consistent quality standards, with the ability to scale up or down according to your needs at any given time. We treat all work requests as a priority and have the construction equipment and knowledgeable team to deliver on our promises.

Minor Campus Project Works

Our minor project services involve performing minor campus maintenance jobs as and when they arise. Our broad trades base and locally employed teams respond to and complete all work requests at short notice.

This is ideal for small jobs that need doing quickly and includes everything from gutter repairs, campus perimeter fence fixing, changing light bulbs and even right down to the minute detail of hanging clocks during exam time.

Asset Management Services

We offer a range of asset management services, which are designed to help you keep your campus in top condition. This can include the ongoing maintenance of roofs and gutters, as well as the repair of leaks.

Our experienced teams can also carry out regular inspections of your buildings to help you identify any potential problems before they become major issues. This can help to keep maintenance costs down and ensure that your campus is always in the best condition possible.


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We Manage all Aspects of Education & University Building Management

Campus & Facilities Planning

We are prepared to work with you to create a strategy for the upkeep and care of your buildings, including gathering estimates and carrying out preventative maintenance. We make sure your campus is in good shape for the duration of its lifecycle.

Mounting & Installation

On Demand Property and Building Maintenance offers appliance installation services that guarantee you receive the best products for your campus buildings, with works undertaken by qualified experts. A/C units and other appliances are among the many pieces of equipment that we can install and fix.

Routine Campus Maintenance

Our campus maintenance services include common area cleaning and landscaping. We can also assist with any unexpected or emergency repairs. Investing time in the upkeep of your facilities ensures they are in good condition, at all times.

Proactive Building Repair

We offer a variety of campus repair services, such as fixes on electrical and plumbing systems. Additionally, we can do building enhancement tasks such as painting and drywall repair. For minimal disruption to student experience and teacher timetables, we work to rapidly diagnose and rectify the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus maintenance refers to maintaining your entire school grounds, from buildings right through to roads and landscapes. Building maintenance refers to maintaining the individual structures that make up a campus.

Building and campus maintenance are essential parts of keeping your institution running smoothly. It helps to keep your school safe and prevents any serious damage from occurring.

On Demand Property and Building Maintenance is skilled in the provision of campus and building maintenance and can implement a maintenance plan that ensures your facilities are in peak condition.

The best way to ensure your campus buildings are being properly maintained is to work with a company that specialises in the educational sector. This will ensure there is a comprehensive understanding of the unique needs of your facilities, resulting in the best possible service.

Our demonstrated history in campus maintenance means we understand the needs of the educational sector.

Yes, our team will work with you to create an effective maintenance plan that meets your needs.

We’ll provide repairs, renovations and maintenance for any type of educational facility, and develop a strategy to ensure the entire campus is maintained and cared for on a regular schedule, ensuring the continuous operation of your institution.


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