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Creating a Strategic Asset Management Plan

Asset management encompasses a variety of different roles and responsibilities. At On Demand Property and Building Maintenance, years of industry expertise, combined with a significant investment in leading asset management systems, enables us to provide strategic asset consultancy services that help organisations effectively manage their physical assets.

Our asset management plans commonly include facilities, real estate, machinery and equipment. In addition to providing more effective, efficient and sustainable oversight of physical assets, we help companies improve the condition and performance of their facilities with bespoke and tailored asset management plans.

How We Assist the Asset Management Sector

Asset management is a key part of the maintenance and facilities management industry, and it can be an incredibly complex one. It’s not just about keeping things running smoothly; it’s also about ensuring that they continue to work as efficiently and safely as possible.

That means considering a broad range of factors in your asset management plan, from the cost of maintenance and repair to the impact on their customers’ experience.

Our expertise in asset management has given us a deep understanding of the challenges faced by asset management companies, and our end-to-end maintenance services are designed to support those challenges. We know what it takes to keep your facilities running smoothly and efficiently, and we’re here to help with everything from routine repairs to complex overhauls and refurbishments.

Asset Management Plans From On Demand Property and Building Maintenance

Professional Service

Caring for your assets is a big job, and you need a partner who can handle it. Our team has decades of experience in the industry, and we’re committed to providing you with the highest standards of service possible. We take pride in our work and are always prepared to go above and beyond for our clients.

Experienced Contractors

Our experience in asset management makes us the best choice for your next project. We’re a full-service contractor that specialises in all facets of asset care - from routine repairs to overhauls and refurbishments - handling any job, large or small.

Based in WA

Our network of contractors are spread out over greater Perth, so we can meet all of your property care needs promptly and to a high standard. Our local team work to understand your needs so we can provide you with an effective asset management system that makes sense for your business.

Our Asset Management System Capabilities

We are able to handle every element on your behalf to meet your asset management objectives, from routine repairs and maintenance, to overhauls and refurbishments. As a full-service maintenance outfit, we can handle any job, large or small. We have a team of experienced tradesmen who complete their work to the highest of standards, meaning you know your assets are being cared for properly.

Asset Management Analytics

Including Asset Life Cycle Assessments and Financial Tracking and Visualisations.

On Demand Property and Building Maintenance are able to leverage our comprehensive systems to generate reports on a range of different metrics, such as asset availability and reliability, performance and productivity. We can also track your asset management objectives and performance over time, showing how well it is performing currently and how this has changed over a specified period of time.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics on Building Reactive Work Requests

We can track the status of your reactive work requests, including the time taken to complete them and the resources used.

On Demand Property and Building Maintenance also prepares detailed asset management strategy reports to offer visibility on how reactive work requests are being managed by building managers and facilities teams, including the average lead times for different types of work.

Operations and Maintenance Planning

Our asset management strategy will let you plan and track the maintenance needs of your buildings, including the composition of work teams and the resources they will need.

We can also provide detailed reports on how building managers are performing against their asset management plan. We can help you manage your facilities strategy, including the allocation of resources for maintenance and improvements.

Asset Management Systems and Technology

Our services can help you manage your asset management systems and technology, including building information modelling, databases, energy monitoring systems, wireless networks and security. We can help assess the effectiveness of these systems in meeting your facility goals, help you implement new systems, or upgrade existing ones.

Additionally, On Demand Property and Building Maintenance can provide training on how to use the systems effectively.

Service Delivery Mechanisms

The asset management plan we create will help you manage your service delivery mechanisms, including maintenance contracts, preventative maintenance programs, professional service agreements and warranty programs. We can also help assess the effectiveness of these systems in meeting your asset goals.

Our Service Delivery Mechanisms are another tool to help you manage your assets, including equipment, buildings and infrastructure.


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We Manage All Aspects of Asset Management

Asset Management Planning

Collaboration and clear asset management objectives are key to a positive outcome. At On Demand Property and Building Maintenance, we are prepared to work with you to create a tailored asset management strategy for the upkeep and care of your assets, including gathering estimates and carrying out preventative maintenance. We make sure your assets are in good shape for the duration of their lifecycle.

Asset Installation

We can help you with all aspects of installation, including design, construction and commissioning. Beyond this, On Demand Property and Building Maintenance are also able to provide ongoing maintenance services, including equipment/spare parts maintenance and repair. As part of your asset management plan, we will outline what’s required to keep your most important assets operating at an appropriate level.

Asset Lifecycle Maintenance

We specialise in developing asset management plans and asset maintenance services to keep your assets in good working order. The team of contractors at On Demand Property and Building Maintenance are trained in the repair and maintenance of a variety of assets.

Repair Of Your Assets

Repair of your assets can help you avoid costly downtime and lost revenue. We can also provide preventative maintenance programs to help ensure your assets are in working order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset management is the process of procuring, maintaining, and repairing your assets. By leveraging our extensive network of contractors, On Demand Property and Building Maintenance can help you reduce costs and increase productivity by creating a bespoke asset management plan.

Asset management is both a service and a tool that can help you increase efficiency and reduce the costs of your assets. The ideal goal is to meet the asset management objectives that we highlight when forming your asset management plan. You can avoid downtime and lost revenue by having your assets repaired or maintained on a regular basis.

Our team of consultants can help you prevent equipment breakdowns. We have a wide range of services to meet your needs, including preventive maintenance and repair services which we can work into a routine maintenance plan.


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